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We provide free, research-based, webinars, videos, tools, and templates on all aspects of your community-based health initiatives.

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We record our free webinars and archive them on our YouTube Channel. In addition, all of our webinars include tools or templates that will help you immediately apply the information in the webinar. For direct access to one of our archived webinars, and the accompanying tools and templates, please select from the list below. To subscribe to our YouTube channel click here

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Does the data you collect help you achieve your organizational goals? This webinar will help you assess whether you are getting the most out of your data. The tools and templates for this video include: Data Alignment to Goals Checklist, Eight Purposes for Evaluation, and Goal Prioritization.

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Coalition Evaluation Standards:

Introducing the Standards of the JCSEE

How do you know if you are getting a quality evaluation? This webinar introduces the evaluation standards supported by the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation (JCSEE). We explain how to use the standards to help you identify and hire an evaluator, assess your current evaluation efforts, provide key talking points when communicating with evaluators, develop a more robust evaluation plan, and improve evaluation. 

Supporting documentation includes the List of Standards and the Standards Worksheet

This webinar defines and describes the 5 Domains of Evaluation Competency according to the Canadian Evaluation Association. We briefly cover 4 and the speak more specifically about Technical Practice. Tools for this webinar include the CEA Booklet and our Competency Worksheet

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This webinar will introduce the specific steps, justifications, and activities needed to conduct an effective evaluation. Using the model promoted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), attendees will learn what a fully developed evaluation framework look like, the justifications for each step, the specific activities required to complete each step, and how this information can help a coalition "Tell It's Story?" Tools from this webinar include the "Telling Your Story Score Sheet."

One of the most important challenges coalitions face is how to sustain their infrastructure and initiatives over the long-term. During this webinar we will share the key themes identified by researchers that are related to the sustainability of prevention activities. Tools for this webinar include the Sustainability Climate Assessment Tool, and the Sustainability Planning Worksheet.

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Guest Presenters: Dr. Marc Goldstein (Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Central Connecticut State University, Heather Sapere, MA (The Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut) & John Daviau, MA (Connecticut Association of Prevention Practitioners; Prevention Training and Technical Assistance Service Center/CT Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services)

This webinar addresses the issue of differing role expectations between staff and volunteer members. Topics include the causes and consequences of role confusion in coalitions, and a survey feedback approach that can be used to address role confusion. We also present data from research on role expectations with a national sample of Drug-Free Community coalitions. The webinar tool is a sample of the Role Agreement Survey

This webinar provides practitioners with a science-based framework to better target their capacity building activities for future success. Topics include the various definitions of capacity, the organizational indicators associated with increased capacity, and how to monitor your organizational capacity. The tools for this webinar include the Organizational Linkages Inventory, the Organizational Linkages Monitoring Database Template, and the Capacity Assessment Tool

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In this webinar we present five distinct volunteer satisfaction elements and the strength of their association with one’s intent to remain involved with an organization as well as practical and research-based ways for coalitions to engage volunteers and recognize them for the good work they are doing for your coalition. The tool for this webinar is our Volunteer Satisfaction Questionnaire.

Since a participatory evaluation approach means involving more stakeholders and community members in decision-making processes, it is normal for groups to encounter some resistance. In this webinar, we draw from existing research about why people might resist change. We will then discuss common stakeholder participatory evaluation concerns and offer tools for attendees to learn more about their own capacity to manage conflict and address those concerns. The tools for this webinar include the Constructive Conflict Management Planning Worksheet and the Identifying and Addressing Stakeholder Concerns Worksheet. 

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Training Into Practice (TIP)

Our TIP series contains short, content rich, science-based videos that can be used in a variety of ways. Some of the TIPs provide quick summaries of our webinars, focusing on the practical use of the tools and templates. Other TIP videos are short, content rich, and perfect for getting an efficient understanding of popular issues. Our TIP videos can be viewed immediately before or during a meeting and act as a common point of reference for subsequent discussion. Please contact us to request topics that would be useful for you. 

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Why Reinvent the Wheel?

Below is a sample of some more tools that we have tried and found to be worthy of using or adapting for your purposes. 

Have a tool you have found useful? Please let us know. We will check it out and perhaps put it here. 

Would you like to see a tool that you could use? Please let us know. If there is something you could use but are having trouble finding a sample, creating one from scratch or adapting for your own use, we will work on it with you. 

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How is your capacity?

There are LOTS of organizational self-assessments out there. This one, originating at the Office of National Drug Control Policy, has all of the basic areas you need. Before you give it out though, make sure there is an understood, agreed upon definition of who falls into the categories of "staff", "leaders", and "members". 
If you have ANY questions on how it can be adapted, how you should give it out, how you should analyze it, or how you should communicate the findings, please let us know.

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How are your meetings?

This one was adapted from a few sources by Global Evaluation Solutions and is one of our favorites. It's short and covers all the basic elements in measuring attendee perceptions relating to your meetings. Attendees who feel involved and important are likely to come back, more likely to provide input, and more likely to encourage others to come!

Of course if you have any questions about using, adapting, distributing, analyzing or using the data from the survey, please let us know. We are glad to help!

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CDC Workbook

This workbook is a perfect tool for coalitions to formalize their success stories. You will learn about difference kinds of Success Stories, tips for writing good success stories, examples of prevention success stories, criteria for a good story and more! Check it out!

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As the co-founders of, we know that Science Matters! That's why we have spent a combined 28 years applying science to community challenges in public health. Our goal is to elevate the practice of prevention by bringing relevant, effective, science-based solutions to community prevention programs and initiatives.

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Dr. Geary, (a.k.a. Dr. Eval) has been successfully evaluating and consulting with communities, coalitions, non-profits, and program providers for 18 years. The founder of Global Evaluation Solutions and, and the former Deputy Director of Evaluation and Research for the National Coalition Institute, Bill has had the pleasure of serving as a successful coalition coordinator for both urban and suburban coalitions. Bill currently consults with a variety of coalitions and agencies. For more on his background please visit his LinkedIn page at

Andrea has been involved in community prevention for 11 years. As the former Senior Manager of Evaluation and Research at the National Coalition Institute, she has successfully provided evaluation assistance to hundreds of coalitions across the country. Andrea is also a skilled trainer and has presented papers and trainings at dozens of professional and scholarly meetings. She is the co-founder of, a former SAMHSA/CSAP Prevention Fellow, and is currently the Project Director for a Drug Free Communities coalition in Pennsylvania.


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